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Mr Daddy.bedwettingabdl

Little Life Updates:

I'm in College now! :D its been crazy, but I think I can be back here some now, sorry for leaving!
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Aug 8, 1995 (Leo)
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In a Relationship
About me:
Where do I begin? I am a twenty year old young man with a very "different" life. I am currently working on obtaining a degree in counseling/psychology in order to help young people to work through their issues and problems. (if any of you guys need to talk though, just go ahead and shoot me a message somewhere here, skype, kik, or email.) I am dating the most amazing girl the world has ever seen, and guess what? I met here through this site! I recently just moved half way across the united states to be with her, and we are looking at starting a life together and getting married! I've been an Diaper lover for 9 years now, an adult baby for 8, and a daddy for 8 years as well. I love to give advice, and am always open to that. I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have I look out for as though they are my family, since my blood family has all but disowned me. I've been helping the great Stanley Thorton run this site for several years now, even though I did have to take a break from this site because of issues with my parents snooping through all my stuff, nearly outing me. I am here to help you guys to grow and develop into the people you were meant to be.
I'm a Wonderin' Soul.
Political views:
Eh, don't have time
Religious views:
I'm a God fearer, but I don't really like labels.
Interested in:
Looking for:
1King_Rex1 (KIK) (aol), [email protected] (gtalk), king_rex7 (skype)
My activities are kinda limited to working and a little bit of gaming right now, seeing as I am working two jobs, repairing my car, saving for an engagement ring, and the like, but, I do enjoy all sorts of things. Some of the things I enjoy include: rock climbing, white water rafting, cliff jumping, hammocking, gaming, writing, exploring, and learning useless facts.
My intrests are very broad. I like trying new things and love to be different.
Favorite Music:
I LOVE Celtic folk, and country rock. :)
Favorite TV Shows:
I don't watch much TV, but I love Agents of Shield, the 100, Z Nation, and Law And Order SVU.
Favorite Movies:
Lord of the Rings, every Marvel movie (since the start of the cinematic universe, the ones before that were just so so.) The chronicles of Narnia, and BIG HERO 6!!!
Favorite Books:
Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, The Chronicles of the Door, Pendragon, The Giant and the Joneses, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court, and many many more.
Favorite Quotes:
Wow... I have so many, but my favorite of all comes from a friend of mine, "I was trying to be all sexy, and I turned out to look like a potato with little hairs growing out of it, and not a cute potato either." -the amazing Mandy.
Sales.... and stocking, and more sales... at Not gonna say, but I have two now!

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